AR-15 Wheeler Carbon Multi-Scraper

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AR-15 Wheeler Carbon Multi-Scraper
Do not let carbon build-up effect your next shoot, get the Wheeler Delta Series Carbon Multi-Scraper. This stainless steel coated, compact tool is made to clean 11 vital surfaces of the bolt carrier group. Keep this tool in your gun room, or take advantage of its convenient size by storing it inside your rifle’s pistol grip so you always have it on hand.

This is the perfect tool for getting you back to shooting quickly and effectively.

  • Cleans 11 surfaces of the bolt carrier group
  • Fits inside AR pistol grips
  • Coated stainless steel
  • Features a cam pin scraper, large diameter firing pin scraper, bolt face scraper, cotter pin removal tool, boat tool shoulder scraper, small diameter firing pin scraper, bolt lug scraper, bolt tail scraper, interior BCG scraper and bolt waist scraper


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