Lee Spline Drive Breech Lock Bushing – 4pcs

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SP Line Breech-Lock Bushings are the latest evolution of LEE Lock-Ring Eliminator. SP Line Breech-Lock Bushings feature integral lock collar, which provides unmatched precision and convenience when adjusting dies.
Split clamp positively locks die into position.  New, easy grip splined drive surface allows easy, accurate and fast die installation in your press.
No need for lock rings on your dies with these quick-change bushings. Simply lightly tighten the clamp screw, and split collar will put a vise lock on your die. Loosen the screw, and the die will spin freely.
Once set you’ll never lose position. The bushings are turned from a solid piece of material and the lock ring is integrated into the design of the part.
Thus giving you a better grip when removing from your breech lock equipped press and a added sense of security knowing that your die adjustments will not change when removing. Package includes 4pcs of bushings.

Compatible with Lee Breech Lock Challenger and Breech Lock Reloader presses.

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