Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil 400ml

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Milfoam Forrest Synthetic Gun Oil is fully synthetic oil produced on the basis of PAO oils and synthetic esters.
It cleans, lubricates and protects against corrosion under various circumstances in wide temperatures ranges.

Advantages over other solutions:

  • approved by the current NATO specification: TL 9150-0078,
  • successfully passed tests for various firearms and shooting systems in many European countries (starting from small-caliber firearms and ending at barrel diameter of 155 mm),
  • does not contain solvents, particles and heavy metals,
  • does not emit any toxic fumes and odors,
  • safe both in usage and storage,
  • weapon is ready to fire right after conservation with Milfoam Forrest Oil,
  • freezing temperature up to -57 °C allows usage of firearm after oiling at low temperatures,
  • special dispensing tip ensuring precise oil distribution into every corner of weapons without getting one’s hands dirty.


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