SchleTek Carbon Cleaner 150ml spray.

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Time-saving removal of stubborn fouling. Special formula for heavily used firearms. Made in Germany, company SchleTek. Carbon-Cleaner – 150ml spray. Frequent and thorough gun cleaning is not only a prerequisite to achieve maximum performance with your firearm, but also a decisive factor for your own safety during everyday’s use. Especially on heavily used firearms, nitro and black powder fouling can be extremely hardened or burned in. Due to its special formula SchleTek Carbon-Cleaner is perfect to dissolve and remove even such stubborn residues.

Originally developed for the military, Carbon-Cleaner is a very effective nitro and black powder solvent for heavy-duty use. The highly active substances penetrate and dissolve even severe fouling. Therefore Carbon-Cleaner is perfect to clean the bores of black powder guns, powder burn marks on cylinders and barrels of revolvers, and to clean receivers and frames on the inside and on the outside, etc. In general, this would be a very time-consuming and labour-intensive task, but Carbon-Cleaner spares you the heavy work, hence you can fully concentrate on shooting.


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