Schletek Muffer/Silencer Cleaner Regular 500 ml

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Very effective suppressor cleaner with an extra mild and safe formulation by SchleTek. Perfect for suppressors of all types, materials and coatings. For normal levels of fouling. SchleTek Suppressor Cleaner Regular is the perfect choice to eliminate normal fouling. It scores with an extra mild formulation and a pleasant odour while being equally very effective. Suppressor Cleaner Regular is easy to use and cleans self-actively all types of suppressors.

The most important properties of Suppressor Cleaner Regular at a glance:

  • Suitable for all types of suppressors, including suppressors which cannot be disassembled
  • Reaches even super-fine rows of holes and baffles
  • Suitable for all materials and coatings, including carbon and cerakote™
  • Positively tested for compatibility of materials
  • Very easy to use
  • Reaction time starting from 120 minutes
  • No additional laborious cleaning procedures required
  • Environmentally friendly and water soluble – no special disposal requirements
  • Suitable for the use in ultrasonic cleaners

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