Schletek Spray 2 in 1 Gun-Tuning Ptfe & Ceramic 100ml

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Spray 2 in 1 Gun-Tuning PTFE & ceramic SchleTek
Made in Germany, company SchleTek.

Weapon tunnning in the spray
This unique highest quality weapon spray, combinations of PTFE (Teflon) and the ceramic microparticle is produced in Germany. Made using advanced technologies. PTFE component is complemented by microscopic ceramic particles that works simply like billions of ball bearings.
The result is very interesting, lubricating and cleaning effect you will appreciate for the whole gun. Especially on the trigger and bolt. It is a real tuning spray for your gun.

Protection of weapons against corrosion and dirt
Weapon is protected against corrosion and dirt, because dirt can not keep on protected surface and is easily removed. The spray can be used on all materials, including plastics, rubber and wood.
The spray is transparent and does not contain the resin.

The elimination of the “Oily shot” effect
Another interesting fact is that after cleaning is here no effect, which is known as “Oily shot”. It means, that first shot after cleaning of barrel have the same characteristics like next ones.

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